Previously in order to facilitate our Company's electronic stock transactions, our IGSVC system had deducted USD100 to process our Debit card.

We are pleased to inform that we managed to source for a Debit Card with a lower fee charge of USD50. An earlier charge of USD100 was collect and we shall refund the USD50 back to respective Member's IC Wallet.

For multiple account holders, please remember to download and complete the "Multiple Account Combine Form" from www.igsvc.com and submit it back to the Company. With this Form being submitted, the Company shall only deduct the USD50 from a single account and amount over deducted shall be refunded to those members affected.

之前本公司的电子股数之中的买卖后,我们IGSVC的系统将会扣除100美金,这是为了得到我们最新的Debit Card。由于我们目前得到了更优惠的价格,所以现在的Debit Card我们只需要付50美金。所以我们会在事后转发剩下的50美金到各会员的户口 (IC Wallet)。若有多户口持有者,请记得在www.igsvc.com里面下载《多用户整合表格》Multiple Account Combined Form 然后交到本公司,这一来我们只会扣除单一的户口,其余自动扣除的款项,我们都会退还给会员。