"Business League Form" To be recognized as a regional leader in the provision of high quality business, and investment services and products.
WHAT IS "Business League Form"
Means of capital operation, through the operation of the Group's capital skills, use of the capital markets in order to achieve added value.
Means of risk control, the Group will adopt various measures and methods to reduce the likelihood of various risk events, or reduce the risk of losses caused by the incident, such as providing insurance to show their support.
Means Business Alliance (BUSINESS ALLIANCES), Group, through commercial mode of operation, to assist individuals, businesses – businessmen and earn a profit in the financial operation of the market.
It means a common alliance, with its partners, employees or members, co-venture with a total earning of wealth.

Our mission is to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and community.
We strive to be among the best providers of financial services and products, delivering a diverse range of established and pioneering products.
We are a highly talented workforce, committed to reliability and consistency, and maximizing every investment opportunity.
We believe in creating an environment where people want to work, and where personal success is aligned with company success.