IGS provides a joint business alliance opportunity to help people to start a business together and keep it booming, to realize a common platform for businesses creating, operating, profits and sharing!

Let's become a businessman, entrepreneur and bosses of listed companies together! IGS wholeheartedly provides a joint business alliance platform for those intended to start an undertaking or seeking for new business opportunities or hoping to take company public to work together and eventually enable the members, companies or enterprises within the platform share the business opportunities, business matching and achieve a win-win situation.

In the joint business alliance platform, IGS becomes a bridge and guide for enterprises to the world as it not only helps to establish and strengthen ties between members but also played the role of go-between to bring financial assistances for businessmen including financing or investment. With advantages in packaging enterprises, listed companies, financial system and financial risk management, IGS helps companies drive profitable growth and out of the business development dilemma.

We are not direct sales, not a multi-level marketing (MLM) or money game and more than just an investment company. We created a real platform for members to share resources and funds in order to run the business practically and make money. Our platform aimed to gather a group of people who wanted to start a business and yearned for business booming and all IGS's members are free to choose investment or join with other members to open up new business opportunities.

Entrepreneurship needs funds but when you have good creative, good ideas and good product but at the same time does not have enough money to start a business, IGS will lend a helping hand to provide you with financial assistance.

In the current market, so far there is no company willing to provide funds to help people to start a new business. In most cases, companies call on the people to pull out their money to join and the company will be responsible for investment and provides returns after making a profit. IGS is such a maverick company Term and Condition

To help associate partner to get desirable associate partner to invest or joint venture within three to six months. For example, as a associate partner, you can look for other associate partner who have same idea with you to do business together. Or, you can use the 10 percent referral fees within the platform to do joint venture, if you think that the restaurant or business owned by a associate partner is doing well, you have the autonomy to choose to invest in his or her business.

As a associate partner , if you owned five to six business branches and intended to go public but suffer from lack of funds, IGS will provide financial support. associate partner can repay the progressively after their company have been listed.

As a associate partner , if you have a stable business with the historic storefront but you do not understand the benefits of listed companies and the listing process, IGS will fully assist you with professional knowledge and funds and share profits with your company.

As a associate partner , if your company is a franchise licensing business model but faces difficulties to find franchisees probably because your company is not well known, IGS will use the real stock of some listed companies as the trust collateral for third-party in the market and then packaging your company as a subsidiary or associate company of listed company in order to achieve risk transfer or risk sharing of business internationally and IGS will also bear the risk of your company.

The alliance under IGS have several listed companies which not only can help and support associate partner s' businesses but also help associate partner s to get company listed and support associate partner s who want to start a business. We also enable associate partner s to make join venture in electronic stocks of IGS's listed companies to earn profits.

It is not enough to afford the entire family expenses with only one income in the wake of inflation and ringgit devaluation. Therefore, many people have been forced to take part-time jobs or find ways to earn more money and that is why direct sales, MLM and money game has been welcomed by the people.

According to a study conducted by IGS, direct sales and MLM began to emerge since 1980s and their business model is called "product sales", that is to recruit members constantly and continue to sell products to others. In this way, members in fact worked very hard because they earn profits only when the product has been sold. This kind of conventional direct sales has been eliminated by society and only left very few surviving direct sales brands, especially those of large and long-standing brands.

By the 1990s, binary plan became popular where each member is only responsible for recruiting two other people to join the plan and continuously accumulated downline members. This only enable members to earn money instead of the company and quickly lead to the overpaid phenomenon due to an excessively high commission system. This binary sales model have been eliminated.

Later in 2000s, the appearance of money game shocked the world and gained popularity due to its get-rich-quick scheme. However, the business model of money game is not concrete or real business but all just virtual money. Soon, members realized that the money game is a scam and thus it disappeared from people's sight shortly afterward.

Until as recent as 2010, there was a lot of hype about the companies that are about to go public and called people to buy the electronic stocks while it was low-priced. However, the company has still not gone public after two or three years of delay and people only realized that they are being cheated when they get nothing, not even any dividend. Eventually, people stop the virtual game of electronic stocks.

These people have a stable job but their hard work in exchange for the money is not enough to cover expenses, let alone do business. Thus, when they want to make extra money, they prefer to this kind of MLM business model because they think it is an easier way, they just need to find friends to join in and earn money.

Although these people have huge savings but they understand that there is a risk of doing business and also they worry about losing money and do not know when they can recoup their investments. Therefore, they dare not or not even consider to start a business or make investment. However, they may use social network platform to find friends to join MLM in order to earn some money.

These people will use whatever means to earn money for name brands clothes, luxurious car and supreme enjoyment but the premise is do not get into trouble. Even though they know the money game is a scam, they will still try to convince friends and relatives to join it and they would claim to be victims to shirk responsibility if the money game's company was in trouble.

Except the three types of people mentioned above, IGS hopes to be "savior" to help those work in a down-to-earth way and wish that one day be able to start a business so that they can bring a prosperous life for family.

Nothing ever works out as you want it, many hard working people cannot get the right person to help them while the rich cannot find the diligent person to do business together. IGS hopes to become the "savior" of these people to help them to get right person among the members in the joint business alliance platform to start a business and get mutual benefit.