Since its inception, Hong Kong Surmount Business School is having a dream to become a world-class business school, willing to take up the responsibility of "to train a group of world-class entrepreneurs for China". In order to build a new generation of global business school, we are willing to make a series of exploration and innovation.

Our school soul is full-time, world-class team of professors. The biggest weakness of most of the Asian business schools is the lack of their own world-class professors team, therefore by the strong support of "Professors' advanced system, governments and foundations, as well as China's economic rise, Surmount Business School successfully gathered a team of Chinese-based, full-time team of world-class professors.

Surmount Business School focuses on the study of emerging markets, to explore how state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and multinational corporations compete effectively in the China market, to understand how Chinese enterprises deal with the challenges of globalization, how multinational companies integrate into the China market and form the meaning of "global response to global".

We have reason to believe that: With a global vision, "blue sky" strategy, world-class team of professors, Surmount Business School will follow the "Three Kingdoms" strategic roadmap towards the goal of a new generation of global business schools dream.