Located at Shanghai, it's a professional production company that provides FHD (Full High Definition) audio & video production. Since the establishment, the company invested themselves in HD related technology research and implementation, and having a good understanding in digital TV and movie production equipment. With the new digital television creative ideas, and cooperating with television, public television, the other GIO-level TV communication units, it spreads across news programs, documentaries and drama in all areas.

Brand service means the company customized & personalized video programming and related services to disseminate the information of customer culture, showing the brand's meaning and aspirations, and to achieve brand promotion. We accept customers' trust, offers a creative planning, filming production and other specialized technical services and integration of various elements of content creation, to find the appropriate broadcast platform for customers. The brand services that we provide including customized commercials, feature films, drama, and other customization.

Over the years Apblica Media is with good faith, stands a good professional image, and rely heavily with favored partners and customers, and to provide a rich and comprehensive media programs. We continue with the expansion of digital video, to create a variety of high-quality audio and video products, and to fully meet the needs of consumers to enjoy the movie.

Apblica Media has introduced video works, and at the same time actively expand its market. We are committed for the extensive cooperation with domestic and overseas film and television production units, and adhering to the "integrity, win-win" cooperation principle, to create a good atmosphere and artistic creativity, especially in cross-strait cooperation TV drama filming, we do believe we are accumulating a wealth of successful experience.